About Alcot Sirk

I am a freelance artist/designer living in Colorado. I dabble in web design, programming and mechanical design. Rite now most of the postings will touch on bits of day to day sarcasm, some tech related news/guides/reviews, and quite a bit of artwork in the form of free wallpapers for computer & smart phones. Numerous side projects will emerge from time to time.

Also available to anyone are personal artwork requests. You can request a more personalized wallpaper for your phone, desktop, or even a twitter profile here for free. However I will post all requests up for the general public to view and use as well. But a little snippet or bit of text can be left out of the public copy to keep yours unique. Just send me a message over the email provided on the contact page.

If you don't have a request, but just want to toss some ideas at me feel free. I'm always open to ideas, suggestions, and different perspectives. It only stands to improve upon the overall artwork.