Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aurora Borealis

Abstract Aurora

Here is a brand new abstract piece. Inspired by all those ones that look either like an aurora or curtains falling over one another. So here is the result of that experiment. You will notice the label has returned. I am going to be moving into places like deviant art and other media centers and after asking around from other artists advised that I put it back on. Thus implementations on the rest of the pieces will come next time I roll through updates. But for the sake of size/space, I will leave them off the 2 smallest formats cus its so small its pointless. Also expect the remaining walls to undergo updates so that they support all format sizes. And then making sure that formats that need to be vertical are vertical. (like iPads, I don't know if it matters how they're oriented, but never hurts to be certain)

The second wallpaper that Im still working on I decided to leave till later. Ran out of steam on that one so it'll just get finished sometime next week.

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