Thursday, August 19, 2010

Patterns in the Earth

Hewn Stone

(Note: Links marked with a small star are new.)

Well after much mental and certain amounts of bizarre third person discussion I came up with a wallpaper. Based on a background texture I created a while ago you have this, which reminded me highly of fresh cut stone (thus the name) and it seemed relaxing in nature. Complete with two new standard sizes. Hope you enjoy.

As to that interesting blog roll, well lets just say things got out of hand. When I picked out this blog theme I didn't give it much thought other than it looked a whole lot better than what ever it was I previously had. Among these being how easily you could actually read the text, and also a background that properly illuminated everything. But the drawback is the lack of any real banner, and the fact it has no built in menu's that aren't manually construct. This mostly means no easy flow blog roll, but that doesn't bother me, its just the name of the game for the moment.
Since creating a blog roll meant a nifty hand made menu I decided that it might as well be unique in its own right. Especially since this blog theme was just such a creature all on its own. So I chose after each dash to put a small blurb on what I thought described each blog (but if I couldn't come up with anything I just used what was already there temporarily) and its contents. And thus far I think most of them do the job pretty well. In the event that the owner of any of the blogs contained within don't think my description fits, and have a better one, or a suggestion for improvement, don't hesitate to tell me. Just remember I like to keep them unique, not just a rehash of whats written on blog titles (I'm big on keeping with originality).

-Icons still on the horizon. The first ones made on the computer, with others created out of photos coming in late September. Also expect new colors of existing wallpapers, and of course still more brand new ones yet to come as time and inspiration are found.

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