Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reshaping the Recent

Orange Aurora

The other day when I created the Aurora Borealis wall it wasn't until after it was all formatted out and uploaded that the colors started to bug me. Later after much experimentation and deliberation with myself in a very creep third person conversation, I just decided to make it a solid color blend. But after taking a look yesterday and today it seems the other, despite how much the colors might bug me, is pretty popular. So rather than completely replace it, I will just offer the alternative. There is also vast potential for other color variations, depending on the reception it gets.

Things yet to come next week (hopefully):
>The start of the Zodiac series. Beginning with Pisces.
>Graphic calendars, starting with September and working from there.
>1 - 2 new random wallpapers when ever the inspiration hits me.
>Alcot Sirk themed wall, I dont know when this will happen, but it may appear sooner rather than later.
>Do those updates that I vaguely described on twitter. Including expanding the blogroll, formatting the old wallpapers, etc.

New formats on the horizon:
>1920 x 1200
>Dual Screen walls, starting with 3360 x 1050

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