Saturday, August 14, 2010

I not the biggest fan of Autumn, but at least we have come to some form of arrangement. For me fall represents a grim reminder that my season of preference is coming to an end. Which means that my snowy foe is lying in wait just around the corner. But at the same time its not like I hate the season in particular either.

Most people I know love fall for the colors of the trees, or the crisping in the morning air, and even the shortening days if your a night owl. Unfortunately I am really not a yellows and browns and dirty orange sort of person. And no matter where Ive lived the reds have been few and far between (though a good rich red maple tree still has the ability to relax me, if briefly). That crisp feeling in the morning is nice, but the chance that I wake up in that middle zone between sleeping in and waking up so early I'm numb to the world is pretty slim.

No to me fall is mostly the herald to winter, and we don't get along all that well. Which is odd, but thats life.

It used to be that Autumn was when I started getting excited for ski season, even with it off in the distance yet. But it was a nice reminder that soon I will be able to hit the slopes, alone or with some friends, and have a great time of it. Thus from the moment A-basin opened (A-basin is more or less the ski resort that is always the first to open, and the last the close) until it closed it would be grinding the slopes and tearing up a handful of black diamonds I cared for. But on a completely random day on a random year with the ski season having just begun I woke up and didn't want to ski anymore. It was just weird, having been a pretty avid slope going for several years. Sometimes there just isn't any explanation, and its what makes being human more interesting. And since that morning I haven't been back up on the slopes but sparingly when friends or relatives from out of towns want to hit up some skiing or snowboarding (I can do both, but I prefer ski's likely because its what I learned first) and that's when the tough guy macho talk ends. I don't care what the slopes are like in places like Minnesota or where ever, but when you go to the Rockies, those are real black diamonds, and I have no trouble calling some shit and dragging a cousin or two down them.

So now snow is really less of an ally and more of a constant annoyance ready to drop by and rain on the parade. Because of where I live, and the fact that to this day Im still working with horses, snow just amounts to a massive muddy mess. And the chance that it actually snows enough in Denver to give me a day off are chances on par with winning the lottery. Yet my nemesis winter (who for what ever reason I named Alur at some point) likes to give me plenty of snow. The silver lining I suppose is at least you get a few brief respites from weather even in the cold months for things to either dry off, or just stay frozen and solid in all but name. So its just an intermittent pest, which is why I don't put too much thought or meaning to too many of the seasons. Even summer and spring only barely get a brief smidge in my mind aside from to say "oh yeah, I should prolly check and see if those flowers are still alive".

And it appears that Qwest has actually deemed my area worthy of real internet now. So sometime in what remains of the year I might actually be able to multitask on the web like a full fledged fiend again at home.

Random Excerpts from my sketch book on Symbols:

Alur - Keeper of winter

Arkrenor - Matriarch of the Summer cycle. Curator of the flame

Tilluna - Essence binder of Spring

Varsi - Warden of first frost. Herald of Autumn

-These were created originally as notes for a short story that never was. Its hard to say if they will ever see a story beyond my sketch books.

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